Autocad 2008 tutorial in urdu

In it one spoke is drawn and then a tutorial circular array is drawn centred on one end of the urdu spoke.
p p Moving drawing items /p p When an item is drawn correctly but in the wrong place the move command can be used to erase /p p it in its current position and redraw it at whatever location you desire.This vector tutorial can be entered by urdu picking another location for the base point urdu using tutorial the /p p mouse or typing the co-ordinates for the new point.Report Detail Video contains prohibited deo violates deo is violating deo contains repulsive violationVideo contains sexual contentVideo is pending for deo contains spamVideo has disturbing deo file is corrupt and is not deo was deactivated by our moderator.Check any one of the boxes autocad that you wish to use eg Endpoint, /p p Midpoint and Intersection.p p Click (LH) on "modify" menu /p p Click (LH) on "copy" /p p Click (LH) on object (cross just scaled).Now draw a line of any length on the screen /p p keeping ortho (F8).Example: hatching the lower half /p p of a rectangle: /p p First refresh the screen: tutorial /p p Draw a rectangle /p p Modify: Break or click on in the Modify Toolbar /p p Select object: pick any point on the rectangle /p p Specify. p p Draw a editor square cross as shown in Figure 2 (If a point is put world in the wrong place it can be removed by /p p clicking (LH) render on the "Undo" on top of the screen.
p p Click vegas (LH) on "view" menu /p p Click (LH) on "zoom" and "Window" /p p Move cursor to one corner of window box; click (LH) /p p Move cursor to opposite corner of window box; click (LH) /p p Click (LH) on "view".
For /p p example, a plan of the drawing office would consist of a number of rows of desks.The array: /p p command allows you to make multiple copies of items and arranges them in a regular order, either /p p in a rectangular editor or a circular array.With the mirror command one specifies the objects to be mirrored and then /p p you give the end co-ordinates of the mirror line.p p Command: move Select objects: pick a point below and to the left of the rectangle /p p Specify opposite corner: pick a point to enclose all the rectangle /p p 1 found /p p Select objects: press enter to end object selection Specify.p p The properties dialog box now lists the properties of the circle /p p you selected.Copy: works exactly the same way as move: except that it does not erase the /p p original objects.Click (RH) to end /p p operation.p p Click (LH) on "view" menu /p p Click (LH) on "PAN" /p p Click (LH) on Point /p p Move cursor, and click (LH) near one corner of the screen.p p Copying drawing elements /p p If an item occurs more than once in a drawing you can use the copy: command so you have to /p p draw it only once.For example if the circles in your drawing should have /p p been drawn in the Circle layer but you drew them on the Line Layer, /p p to select all the circles on the screen internet you might choose the Quick /p p Select icon.Select Object snap settings, the Osnap /p p Settings dialogue box appears.p p An alternative is to enter the required angle via the keyboard; anti-clockwise angles are positive /p p Click (LH) on "modify" menu /p p Click (LH) on "move" Civil Engineering render Department, Faculty of Engineering /p p Eastern Mediterranean University, Spring /p p Tutorial.To editor do this select the objects as before, then: /p p Specify base point or Displacement : pick an obvious point on the object, /p p say the lower left corner of the rectangle /p p Specify second point or : pick another point.