Change footer master slide powerpoint 2010

In this Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 training CD, expert trainer Guy Vaccaro takes you footer through the powerpoint newly updated, widely known presentation program, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.
All change of powerpoint the slide information goes at the bottom master of slide each slide slide in your design template.
It can consist of text, slide numbers, and a date.
To change the slide background: Select the slide you want to change: Select a slide in, normal view.In the, background Fill section, click on the drop-down arrow and choose.Click Apply To All.Select the picture file.Handout Master, the Handout Master is used to set the formatting of your handouts pages.Components of a Footer edit A footer in PowerPoint is text that you create once, but it appears on the bottom of each slide.You can use them to provide information like slide numbers, footer text, and date.Contents, master Slides edit, a master slide is one that is a part of every presentation that controls certain text characteristics such as font type, size, and color, as well as background color and style.There are four types of masters used in PowerPoint, as described below.Masters can affect all the slides in a presentation. The slide chapa background is made up gradient, texture, patterns, or a picture.
Title Master, the modss Title Master is used to moment make changes to slides in your presentation that use a Title Slide layout.Change the font size.To add a graphic to one or all slides: computer Display an individual slide or the Slide Master for computer all slides.Return to Normal view.PowerPoint allows you to insert most popular graphic formats into serial your presentation.This enables you to give a title slide a different look from the rest of your presentation.Click, apply to All.You can set headers, change footers, and the size and positioning of the number of handouts per page.Check the Slide Number box to add a number to each slide.Notes Master, the Notes Master is used to set the formatting for your notes pages.Texture Enables chapa you to select a texture for the background.To change the appearance of the Slide Master text: View the Slide Master.