Endless space patch ita

endless space patch ita

percent bonuses (hero, ship level).
Better affinity and faction traits management.
Technology is divided into four areas, each endless with a theme but many of the games concepts are spread across multiple trees.Added a gauge bar for the stacked industry of each system in the Empire view.TOP game moment, getting to the later stages of the game and seeing your big Battleships and Dreadnoughts be brought to bear for the first time.Changed the effect of the Temple of the First Principle to be "10 def per pop on system".Fixed an space issue where the Tolerance trait was displaying a wrong value in the system view.New scrapping button for unnecessary improvements on the Empire view.Fixed an endless issue which forbade the AI to build food improvement when its food surplus was negative. Added the soundtrack directory windows for Mac users in /Library/Application Support/Steam/ SteamApps/ common/Endless Space/ automatons G2G vote Added the Automatons faction with a specific gameplay affinity and properties for specific buildings, according to Panzer, the winner of the faction contest.
Other fixes Fixed an issue principles where the worst status rule, when creating an Alliance or when inviting a faction, was not enforced.
Everyone patch exists in the state of cold-war when they first meet, and it footer will require the research of certain techs in order to make peace, trade, make alliances etc The game is good at giving you plain feedback as to how your relationship is with.
Fixes Fixed the way AI manages its ship's production so it doesn't fall into bankruptcy anymore.Fixed an issue where global mind random fluorescence events were not synchronized for all players.Important fixes Fixed an issue where trading caused an assert forcing windows an exit to desktop.A substance found scattered or in forgotten temples, it once gave powers to admirals and galactic governors.Refactored the heroes' ability trees.