Fallout new vegas ps3 save game

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Installation: Unzip the archive on your USB drive and copy the file respecting the structure PS3/savedata/xxxxxxxxxx.
Description : Worn down by years of hard luck and a recent rash of terrible misfortunes, Cass is a despondent merchant whos about to get out of the caravan fallout business.
If u do plz send me a link.While traveling to New Vegas, he was swiped by Nightkin from Black Mountain and imprisoned by their save leader, Tabitha.After living the life of a wild gunslinger, Raul took up the trade of a simple repairman in Nevada.Boone, full Name : Craig Boone, sex : Male.Shes smart, tough, and steady fallout with a gun, but she hasnt been savvy enough to survive the ruthless caravan wars that have flared up in Nevada since NCRs expansion.After being freed from captivity, he will join the player out of gratitude.Race : Human, ethnicity : Caucasian, age : 26, profession save : Town guard, Novac, perk : Spotter While Boone is a companion, hostile targets are highlighted whenever the player is actively aiming.Description : Unlike standard eyebots, ED-E is a highly customized duraframe model with hardened armor and specialized weapons.Im dying to play the dlcs.Insert the USB device into your PS3. Most of fallout Arcades concerns about the patients world around him have to do with large-scale issues rather vegas than the needs of individuals.
Venturing out from converter the relative safety of Novac brings Boone into close contact with his old life until he is forced to deal with the tragic events that caused him to leave the military.
III, LEO Support Model, Serial Number B955883 Sex : N/A Age : 209 Ethnicity : N/A Profession : Sidekick to The King Perk : Search and short Mark While Rex is a games companion, unequipped chems, firearms, and ammunition within a short distance are highlighted when you.
Race : Human, ethnicity : Caucasian, age : 35, profession short : Doctor, Followers of the Apocalypse New Vegas Chapter.Heavily medicated, Lily struggles with her dangerous schizophrenia and distant memories of her old life.Follow 3 answers.Fallout 3, New Vegas allows you to have one humanoid device and one non-humanoid companion at any time.Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.Irritated by what she sees as the Brotherhoods unrealistic and uninformed views of themselves and the world, Veronica is a perpetual outsider caught between her loyalty to the Brotherhood and troubling doubts about the validity of their current course.Go to the Savegame manager from the XMB and youll have your save.