Filezilla server linux wine

filezilla server linux wine

You will see the minimum menu.
I still recommend Ubuntu12.04 desktop for you.
Sudo apt-get install xinit server openbox aterm sudo init 6 filezilla / init 6 will reboot your computer login to linux server again type startx now you can get very minimum GUI.Ubuntu server does not server contain any graphical programs.Search for a package called ftpd.I thought this wine "box" is way smarter than me, and I still feel that way lol.Learning commands is very useful when you use linux though.There will be nothing display other than mouse cursor, just right click on anywhere.If you want GUI, use the ubuntu12.04 desktop instead, but not the server.If you prefer a protocol that doesn't server send your username, password and anything you transfer in the clear over the Internet, then look for a package called sshd or openssh-server or something like that.When you open up file manager (pcmanfm) you gonna say, it's missing icons!That will give you an ftp server, though wine obviously some configuration may be required depending on the exact behaviour you required. When I was server new to linux, I've never thought I can handle linux server at first glance.
I pretty much agree with @Cumulus007.You may well already have it installed.However, since you have ubuntu server installed on your using sinclair computer, you can get any type of GUI by installing xinit, openbox database (tons of GUI are sinclair available in linux world, openbox is very minimum one aterm (choose your favorite terminal keygen program ex:gnome-terminal, terminator),and pcmanfm (light weight.If you want an sftp server,.g.Open whatever software whatever distro you are using uses for package management.Sudo apt-get enterprise install lxde-icon-theme /this will install icons.I installed then Wine and programowanie with its help Filezilla Server.The installation ran absolutely smooth.