Go like hell book

In America, the Ford Motor Company was quickly losing ground as the pre-eminent brand.
Baime writes an excellent recounting.
Highly recommended audio book.Only thing is it would be nice to have book some pictures book of the people, cars and tracks that are written about.It just hell would be nice to not book have to google the people, cars etc to see what they look like every few pages.The stakes were incredibly high, money and men were thrown at the competition, neither Ford or Ferrari would accept anything but victory.With practically no safety regulations in place in the European Grand Prix like races, horrific accidents were routine, with both like drivers and spectators killed in many races.Gearhead) like loved the mechanical/technical aspects and I (tolerant.Don't know if the paper version was different.Even if your not so much a car guy, book but like the 50's and 60's era. Gearhead) loved the like history of the personal lives of Henry lahasil Ford II and Enzo Ferrari and their racing teams.
Henry Ford II saw a solution.
In the 1960s Enzo Ferrari emerged as the dominant force in sports cars in the world, creating speed machines game that brushes were unbeatable on the race track.The fierce competition they had over winning windows the LeMans road race and reigning supreme in auto racing in the 1960's is an incredible story and.This is a great audio book!He decided to windows declare war on Ferrari, to missing build a faster car army than anything Ferrari had brought to the track, and to beat him at the world's biggest race, Le Mans.Ferrari was just as determined to see off this challenge from across the Atlantic.The battle to become the fastest in the world truly became a race to the death."Like the cars it describes, Go Like Hell is a streamlined marvel built for speed, fueled by testosterone and likely to elicit happy grins from anyone who has.Both books are in development for major motion pictures.