Neverwinter nights diamond critical rebuild patch

neverwinter nights diamond critical rebuild patch

Fixed conversation dialog tree always displaying neverwinter locstrings in diamond English.
Removed Looping checkbox for nights animations in a conversation node.
Fixed bug where the diamond editing-a-standard-resources warning and the editing-a-resource-in-a-hak warnings would not be disabled when diamond the user checked the "Never diamond Warn Again" checkbox.Resource Management Fixed bug in resource selection dialog where multiple "hits" would show up if you typed in a resref quickly enough to get in multiple keystrokes inbetween refreshes of the resources listview.It will now display in the current diamond language Fixed bug where a LocString control would have its displayed text added to the locstring on initial creation when the displayed text is not for the current language.Added Variables dialog menu option for Encounter and Trigger instances.Fixed a couple relatively rare crash bugs.Module Properties dialog Custom Content tabsheet contains setting for specifying a custom tlk file from among those in the user's tlk subfolder.Current Sexy Reya Dawnbringer avatar by Edwin, thanks for the awesomeness.This is one case where moving patch the directory then running the rebuild is most often the cure.Patch.69, you'll probably have to go biowares site for it(or somewhere else the installer hasn't worked in forever for updating, have to do it manually. It roots the creature to anime the spot so that they can't move but grants no other penalties.
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Added Creature Levelup Wizard.Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset, general, fixed bug where two controls in the Options dialog would cause an array out of bounds error when fetching the StrRefs for their text.Refreshing Custom palette will now include blueprints from ERFs (read: hak paks) in addition to just the module blueprints.Can no longer set a creature's level to 0 in the creature properties dialog.Variables dialog: Fixed Variables dialog not flagging the current area as modified when it was used on an instance.In some cases, you star can't simply manually move the NWN install without causing other issues as you'll break its registry.Restrict maximum Special Ability caster level.I would highly recommend against disabling UAC.Make certain you move NWN to C NeverwinterNights/NWN prior to bothering with the rebuild."default" game rising means use the default env map.Added option to create backup module files on save.