Oracle 11g uninstall windows xp

Oracle windows Universal Installer oracle creates Windows services for Oracle components during installation.
Click Yes uninstall to remove the selected components.Network Configuration check config start, network de-configuration trace file windows location: C:Program Specify all Single Instance listeners that are to be de-configured listener: Here it will ask something, you need to give like dbname.You should not remove the Oracle home manually oracle first because their components remain registered in the Oracle Universal Installer inventory.# Delete the Oracle home directory.Delete any references to Oracle services left behind in the following part of the registry: It should be pretty obvious which ones relate to Oracle.W Im going to deinstall the oracle product at using the picture mentioned path, enter, but it showing some permissions issues and also Its recommand, uninstall you should go to download Oracle Deinstall software from OTN.5.2.2 Procedure for Removing Oracle Database Client with Oracle Universal Installer.In.2g there is deinstall command uninstall through which you can uninstall standalone Oracle Database installations, Oracle Clusterware and Automatic Storage Management (ASM) windows from your server, as well as Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) and Oracle Database client installations.Exe and delete the key. In the parallel Welcome window, choose Install/Deinstall Products.
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Select the Oracle windows home you wish to remove.
Checking manager for existence of the Oracle home location Oracle Home type selected for de-install is: sidb.DataAccess and parallel any Polic.Display System in the Control Panel.This set of instructions happens to match an almost identical process that I had reverse-engineered myself over the years after a few messed-up Oracle installs, and has almost always met the need.5.3 Manually Removing the Remaining Oracle Database Client Components.Click Remove, confirm the warning and proceed with the setup.After client using Oracle Universal Installer to remove game Oracle components, you need to manually remove remaining registry keys, environment variables, Start menu options, and directories.But now you cannot futsal deinstall using Oracle universal Installer, It something different, See below when i try remove Oracle 11g product using OUI.After the components are removed from your computer, the Inventory window appears without the removed components.

If any Oracle services (names begin with Oracle or Ora) exist and have the status Started, then select each of the services, and click Stop.
Using My Computer oracle 11g uninstall windows xp or Windows Explorer, delete all oracle_base directories on your hard drive.
For example, if you installed Oracle Database Client with the Runtime option and later installed additional components with the Custom option, then expand the Oracle home component to display all the components installed in the Oracle home.