The game kendrick lamar my city

the game kendrick lamar my city

ever seen - no disrespect.
Writer(s kendrick kendrick lamar, taylor jayceon terrell, montilla edward john, lyon andre christopher, valenzano marcello, steinman JIM).Tell them kendrick muthaf_ckas I?m forever paid.Damn, I said I spit like I'm the ghost.Bet a mil that I slaughter, serve niggas, give a f_ck what you ordered.When a nigga wack found me, shit, I was kendrick selling weight. T you hear my duke heart beating?
But I'm not stopping 'til I'm the fucking king in every blogspot state.I'm a lamar tie a untuk knot on a Downtown building.For duke the record, I'mma wreck untuk it, even if my creator record don't pop.Name your top 10, I'm harder than the most of 'em.S selling millions, now it?a nigga gotta scream nukem that shit Never went commercial, Never.V.For the record, I'm a wreck it, even if my record don't pop.I?m from the Compton slums and that?

It also represents one third of California?
Performing in front of millions, nigga, every race 6-4 in the '64, now watch the Chevy scrape the game kendrick lamar my city 4th album, no 5 mics?